Our jewelry partner Stephen leads a small team of artisans (many of whom are close friends and relatives) in a tiny workshop in the largest urban slum in Africa - Kibera - in Nairobi, Kenya. He trains his workers in every aspect of the business, from cutting metal, polishing, design, and finishing the pieces. Each day, Stephen walks to work from the home he shares with his wife and co-worker, Marine, and their two sons. 

Stephen started out selling scrap metal on Kibera’s streets after a few failed job attempts in construction; it was there he had discovered his own resourcefulness when he fashioned jewelry from water pipes he sawed into pieces. Eventually, his business grew as he was able to use his initial profits to buy different kinds of metal and hire other people from the streets in desperate need of income. Stephen smiles often and speaks English well. He is humble and compassionate as he describes his vision for providing more opportunities for Kibera through his organization. A motto hangs in his jewelry showroom, “Let the work of our hands speak for us.”