Eunice is the main jewelry maker and designer of the three artisans who create intricate jewelry from metal and beads in Nairobi, Kenya. The married mother of two used to be a social worker but lost her job. Working at this growing organization in Nairobi, Eunice has found that she enjoys this work; it’s interesting, and she’s able to create something and make new designs. Eunice is moving up through the company now and is excited about the future. 


Sara at Kibera Hammering - artisan face.JPG

Working for Karama's biggest jewelry partner in Kenya, Faith has loved every part of her job, whether making earrings or working on the machines (which she says makes her feel strong). Faith is a single mother of a 9-month-old baby. Not only can she provide for her daughter, she can also contribute to her family's other needs, like her sister's school fees. Now that she works for and loves the jewelry business, Faith plans to go to college to study jewelry. She is planning a future for herself and her daughter, and she is working toward her goals.