Want to share Karama with your friends and earn FREE Karama products?  Host an E-party by sharing the Karama website and a 15% off Promo Code with your friends and family both near and far.  To show our appreciation for sharing Karama and helping us achieve our goal to alleviate poverty, you could earn $164 in free product.  Free products, 15% off for you and your friends, and dignity for Karama artisans! Look at you SHINE!

It's so EASY!

  1. Click below or email hello@karamacollection.com to let us know you would like to host an E-party.
  2. Together, we'll pick a date.
  3. Check your inbox for an invitation for your event.
  4. Email the invitation to all of your friends and family and/or create a Facebook event. 
  5. We email graphics and content for any social media posts and emails you would like to send.
  6. Relax while your friends and family shop handmade, fair trade from the comforts of their own homes during the week of your scheduled E-party.

Almost too easy, right?  No house to clean.  No snacks to prepare.  No babysitter to schedule.  No products to deliver. Just fun!