Courage. Boldness. Determination. Wisdom. Think about a special woman in your life…what did she share to inspire and empower you? How has she shaped who you are? Perhaps she supported you and always encouraged you to be your best. Perhaps she showed you how to fail with grace and rise again.  Maybe she was the one who stood in the gaps of life and did not give up on you. As Mother’s Day approaches, we're reflecting on the gift of influence, both received and shared, in a campaign called She Blooms

She Blooms isn't just a cute title. No, it's so much more than that...a celebration, really. She Blooms is the reason why we show up to work at Karama. Your purchases provide dignified work for individuals across the globe, allowing them to reach their full potential. As we steer both young and experienced women in their giftings, they become who they were made to be and bloom... as mothers, providers, entrepreneurs, and boosters of local economies.

These women represent the amazing opportunities afforded daily inside the walls of our Ethiopian textiles partner workshop. See that beautiful, smiling artisan on the left? Her name is Yeshi, and she's one of the original artisans to this growing group. Yeshi works in quality control, approving product prior to shipment to the U.S. She says that her favorite part of this job is packing the perfect product!

Yeshi is the mother of 2. With her current income, she is able to provide for her family, save for her children's education, and plan for her own future. She has made an even greater commitment to providing for her family after the birth of her second child, and she plans to finish her own education once her youngest child is eligible for school. Not only does Yeshi bloom through your purchases, but she sets an example of hard work and self-improvement, moving her family out of the cycle of poverty and into a better life.

Valued artisans like Yeshi are the reason that we continue to pursue our work even in the midst of challenges. It’s also why we align with organizations like Fashion Revolution, which began after 1,134 people were tragically killed and over 2,500 were injured in the Rana Plaza textiles factory collapse in Bangladesh. This week, organizations like ours and individual makers are shedding light on this global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. Learn more about fair trade in the fashion industry through Fashion Revolution

According to Fashion Revolution, about 75 Million people work in the textiles and fashion industry, and 80% are women.

According to Fashion Revolution, about 75 Million people work in the textiles and fashion industry, and 80% are women.

While we are elated with the successes of our artisan teams, our hearts still cry out for the women working to support families in less dignified work, often exploited and abused and grossly underpaid. Pray that they find dignified work that not only sustains them, but allows them to bloom.  

Thank you for considering a donation to help us expand the number of fairly employed artisans as we reach towards better futures for their families. Thank you for helping us re-invest proceeds in African and Haitian teens through Young Life Africa and Young Life Haiti. And thank you for the many women you touch by giving Karama Collection gifts to your loved ones. When you share dignity with women artisans, you plant the seeds that end poverty for generations to come!

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