I stare at these tiny beads and think of every handmade ornament passing through Karama this week, each one on its way to add sparkle to a package or fill a stocking with love. Every little hand-threaded bead represents dignity for an artisan and her family.

We talk about dignity because we see it lived out daily...every purchase provides dignified work in the most impoverished communities. In the midst of these developing communities, we see determined artisans hand-hammer brass jewelry, hand-weave beautiful cotton towels, creating a better life for themselves and their families.

we focus on the kind of giving that won’t burn up...knowledge, faith, hope, and dignity.

In this season of grand celebrations and excess, our focus is fixed on the kind of giving that can't burn up...knowledge, faith, hope, and dignity.  The phrase "Shine Brightly, Share Dignity" has become our anthem in this season of short-lived giving. And you're singing and shining right along with us.

In order to share all of this beautiful shining with you, we developed a simple visual of your impact. At the bottom of every email, we're sharing 3 cherished photos... an artisan, a handmade product, and the kids we're investing in through Young Life Africa.

The artisans we work with aren't employees, but our friends and partners. We love them, their creativity, and their handmade products. Every time you make a purchase, your love, compassion, and wisdom shines.

Those hammered marks in our brass, the delicate stitching in our towels, and the sculpted hearts on the top of our body butters all represent the hand-crafting of our artisans. These products are not mass produced and they're meant to look handmade, beautiful, and dignified. Every time you give one of our products as a gift, you can be sure the receiver will love it's rare and beautiful handmade qualities not found in the marketplace.

Handmade products are beautiful and rare in today’s marketplace.

And the people of Karama are our true passion... we're inspired by their creativity, their dignity, their ingenuity, and their joy. Our faith leads us to invest in their development, coming alongside them in the global marketplace and happily reinvesting our sales proceeds in Young Life Africa.

These joyful faces echo the fun of Young Life camps throughout the continent. 

So, keep shining with us in this season of hope! Know that every artisan, every purchase, and every smile of a child is a reflection of your gift of dignity!