Karama was extravagantly blessed in 2014. A year's worth of staff trips, artisan visits, new products, new customers, and new relationships were splashed all over social media and celebrated between fans and employees alike. Karama is thankful for the incredible opportunities and growth, and the complex and chaotic system in place to make everything happen.

Beyond the hype and behind the scenes of the exotic locations and glittering jewelry, a flurry of activity keeps the Karama brand running. Faithful volunteers bustle in every week to do busy work, thankless tasks, and tedium: tagging products, packing up shipments, cutting tiny pieces of hemp cord in measured lengths. They're the Karama Mamas.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays hum with excited voices, bursts of laughter, and and the sounds of scissors snipping, boxes and bags being stuffed with green tissue paper, and computer keys clicking. The Mamas sip coffee and chat while carefully placing price stickers on cards tied by hand to jewelry and bags and ornaments. They make errands to the chilly stock room, artfully arrange and fold scarves over displays, and and take over the register when a customer walks in. They proudly sport Karama jewelry they bought for themselves and buy most of their Christmas presents to others straight from the store. 

The army of volunteers does far more than physical work; their jobs are spiritual as well. Mamas' prayers and conversations revolve around the lives of Karama staff members, the artisans we meet and come to know, and the future of the business. They handle the minutia of retail and the burden of seeking justice in a faraway place. They welcome weary travelers home and offer their houses and cars and time. The Mamas are the backbone of the Karama brand, and they help create the loving, gracious, and humble environment and mission statement by which the organization abides. Ladies, we wouldn't be here without you. Thank you for all that you do for Karama and the kingdom.