For many, Easter is time of celebration - of Jesus' ministry, death, and resurrection, of spring, of family, and countless other blessings. For the Karama team, this season is also a time of reflection. We think on the values that Karama stands for, our mission, our blessings, and the people we love.

Easter signifies a time of renewal and rebirth, which is especially poignant for Karama because that's our goal - to be a platform for purposeful employment that will lead to new life for the artisans we we work with. We hunger for a rebirth of people, communities, nations, and continents - that because of new opportunities to provide for themselves, peoples' lives will never be the same again. 

For the marginalized - the deaf and disabled, the single parents, the artisans living in slums and rural villages, the outcasts and widows and orphans - employment is life. It's the chance to send children to school, to know where the next meal is coming from, to be proud of one's work. 

So when we reflect on rebirth this season, let's consider the lives that are made new because of meaningful employment, creativity, and the recognition of one's value and worth. This is what resurrection looks like on this earth. And we at Karama are humbled and honored to be a part of it.