Since Karama's founding, we've been committed to long-term investment in people, communities, and the environment. When those three factors are in harmony, something truly incredible happens. Read on as we share the story of a brand new product and its journey from trash to treasure. 


It all starts with Danford Kilimila, a woodworker in Dar es Salaam. He has been with an organization that works with exclusively recycled and discarded materials for eight years. This married father of three (with two in school) loves his job and is interested in dhow wood and other products. His job allows him to save for the future, send his children to school, and provide for his family. Making use of recycled materials creates jobs for artisans and craftspeople while eliminating waste - and this is what it means to be a sustainable business. 


Danford uses wood from discarded dhow boats, which are traditional dugout canoes used for fishing and transportation along the East African coast. The wood is full of beautiful imperfections - knots, holes, and remnants of paint from years gone by. Creative people like Danford and his colleagues invent endless uses and designs for this unused wood, one of which is the Rustic Star ornament!

We end up with a beautiful final product, full of character and charm. Using unwanted and recycled wood is great for the environment, provides purposeful jobs, and grows the economy of the local community. We're in love with this simple and sweet Christmas decoration, and we hope you will be too!

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