It's April 22 again - and for many, it's a time to reflect on what a blessing it is to live on this Earth. The beauty of nature and its invaluable resources are a gift to mankind. Here at Karama, all the gifts that Earth has given us is more than a pleasant afterthought, but an imperative. We believe that preserving natural resources and investing in organizations and people who are dedicated to "green" reforms is our job as stewards of the Earth. Here's what loving the Earth looks like to Karama. 

We get excited when artisans use the resources that all around them to make beautiful things. From flowers and seeds used for natural dyes to wood from old dhow boats to flour sacks turned into fashionable purses to coconut fibers and banana leaves to make baskets, we love when people get creative about the materials used in their products. 

Many Karama artisan partners are committed to re-using materials that would otherwise be thrown away, such as old magazines, tires, leftover fabric, glass bottles, and scrap metal. They give new life to "waste" and create something extraordinary from it. Reusing materials allows organizations to pay better wages because they don't have to spend needed funds on startup resources like expensive metals or cloth. While saving money, they're also helping clean up the planet by reducing waste and repurposing unused materials. One artisan group, pictured below, crafts beautiful journals by hand using paper pulp from elephant dung and natural dyes from flowers and red earth.

Sometimes, the materials are repurposed from something terrible to create something beautiful.  An artisan group from Ethiopia melts down bullets and shell casings found in fields, leftover from civil wars and other violent events, to handcraft gorgeous high-end jewelry.

At Karama, we believe in treating every day like Earth Day.  Our job is protecting the Earth so that people can be blessed by it, both as artisans and customers. Encouraging and celebrating the reuse and recycling of materials makes this possible. Thank you for investing in Karama and the people who work smarter and greener to bring fabulous products to you.