As Mother's Day approaches, the Karama team reflects on the selfless, powerful, determined, and beautiful love of motherhood. Many of our artisans are hard-working mothers who have made enormous sacrifices to provide for their families and their children's futures. They are invaluable and irreplaceable. Here are a few of our favorite stories.

Yeshi (pictured with Dyan Larmey)

Yeshi is the mother of one (with one on the way!), and she has worked for the last 10 years with Karama's Ethiopian textiles partner as a finisher responsible for quality control. With her current job, she is able to provide for her family, save for her children's education, and plan for her own future. She has made an even greater commitment to providing for her family since becoming pregnant with her second child, and she wants to go to school to finish her own education once the baby is born. Yeshi is dedicated to preparing a bright future for her children by being an example of hard work and self-improvement.


Industrious and passionate about her job, Rute has worked for one of Karama's Ethiopian leather partners for a few years as a tailor and pattern designer. Rute has a 12-year-old son, of whom she is the sole provider since being widowed. With her income, she is able to make a life for herself and her son and send him to school. Someday, she wants to own a textile business, proving that challenge and hardship can't diminish her dreams. 




Working for Karama's biggest jewelry partner in Kenya, Faith has loved every part of her job, whether making earrings or working on the machines (which she says make her feel strong). Faith is a single mother of a 9-month-old baby. Not only can she provide for her daughter, she can also contribute to her family's other needs, like her sister's school fees. Now that she works for and loves the jewelry business, Faith plans to go to college to study jewelry. She is planning a future for herself and her daughter, and she is working toward her goals. 

So many more incredible mothers are part of the Karama family - artisans, staff and volunteers. We are thankful for every single one and for all that they do for those they love. We love you, mamas!