Dear Friends,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Karama...where we believe in DIGNITY for everyone and believe that much of that dignity comes through creative, purposeful work.  Karama is all about creativity and dignity and purpose and women and JOY, but it began with heartache.

While living in Ethiopia, I developed friendships with many women who seemed to have no way out of the poverty they were in.  Many were selling local food, their own clothes, or even their bodies just to be able to send their children to school or to provide food for their elderly loved ones.  They seldom thought about their own needs.  These women were natural entrepreneurs and creators.  We would brainstorm a little idea...give them a small skill to use and POOF they were off to try it...always creating and working hard to sell what they had made.  They taught me so much about graciousness, value and dignity.  I wanted to help them sell their products.  I realized that every dollar spent on these products wasa vote for these women to be successful.  Karama was born.

Friends in the US began to buy what these Ethiopian friends were making.  Not only did they love the quality products, they felt connected to the women who made them with their own hands.  As my American friends touched the African made products, it was as if women across the globe from one another were meeting.  It was a great transaction of purpose and beauty and hope.  This swirl of good grew.

Karama is made up of African artisan partners who create beautiful, quality products and volunteers who sell those products and share the stories of the artisans.  Make sure you check out the Artisans section to get to know these incredible women and men.

Our fantastic volunteers--lovingly called Karama Mamas--support this mission throughout the US. They keep US operations running smoothly while sharing the stories of women and men who are making the products of Karama.  We are passionate about women, kids, creativity, poverty alleviation, fair wages, quality hand-crafted merchandise, faith and really deep belly laughs.  Together, let's join hands with artisans across the globe and grow the Swirl of Good!

Africa Sized LOVE,